Pinwheels for Anagha May 31, 2011

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Made this for a friend’s friends’ daughter. She’s one and its her birthday this week. Happy Birthday Anagha!


Jordan’s quilt May 1, 2011

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Here’s the quilt I made for Jordan. Thank you to Christabel (Jordan’s mum) and Sherin (who ordered for the quilt) for taking these pictures. It’s nice to have pictures of the quilts once they’re reached their owners.

The front. Held up by Jordan's mum.

Jordan with his quilt. Isn't he the cutest?


Banners for Naysa and Rhea March 20, 2011

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These two banners are for two cousins called Naysa and Rhea. My friend Sangeetha’s nieces. Incidentally Kezia is also Sangee’s niece. 🙂 My earliest work seems to be with one family!


Cutting Cutting Cutting March 14, 2011

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So I pieced the blue and brown quilt top and will put up pictures when I’m done quilting it. Been cutting furiously for a singe and a double quilt.


Mountains and Rivers February 22, 2011

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Starting off a new single quilt with nine patches and hour glasses. I love the blue and brown and am rather pleased that I was able to find fabric that went together. Rare in Okalipuram! 🙂


Labelling February 18, 2011

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A friend of mine has graciously accepted to work on a logo for me, but till then, I thought I should hand sew the label and the carry bag.


Green Fields and Clear Skies

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This is a quilt for a baby girl called Keziah by order of my good friend Sherin. I like that I know who will be using the quilt, that way I can say a prayer for the child as I make it. I don’t know the baby but I hope this quilt will bring her comfort and happiness.